After installing DaVinci Resolve 18 on Fedora 39 and trying to launch it via the app menu, it doesn’t do anything. So here is a quick guide on how to solve this problem on Fedora 39.

When trying to launch the binary in /opt/resolve/bin/resolve via the the command line, the following error gets thrown: /opt/resolve/bin/resolve: symbol lookup error: /1ib64/ undefined symbol: g_string_free_and_steal.

It seems to have something to do with some libraries that Resolve installs in /opt/resolve/libs, some of which seem to be on a too old version to be compatible with the system.

A post on the Opensuse forum finally helped. The solution also worked for me in Fedora 39:

  1. Create a subdirectory in /opt/resolve/libs
  2. Move the offending libraries into that new directory
mkdir /opt/resolve/libs/_original_libraries
mv /opt/resolve/libs/{libgio*,libglib*,libgmodule*,libgobject*} _original_libraries/

I hope this small non-technical guide helpes someone. Feedback ist always appreciated: